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Services & Solutions

NHV’s core capabilities include a targeted range of Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), professional services, and solutions. We provide Readiness and Operational Support/Improvement Activities in support of our client’s critical missions.

Core Competencies


Emergency Management Support

Preparing for anticipated and unanticipated scenarios is a critical part of Emergency Management (EM) and Continuity of Operations (COOP) for any medical facility. Cayuse subject matter experts provided crucial support to an Agency’s Headquarters and regional commands to bolster their emergency preparedness operations and training via plans, policy consultation, training exercise design and evaluation and operational and technical support. Improved situational awareness allowed for better response during contingency situations such as severe weather, flooding, and wildfires.

Various Study/Research and Medical Staff

Cayuse supplies a range of medical staff to a U.S. Government Medical Center, including specialty Medical Doctors and Study/Research coordinators at a 100% fill rate and retention over the last 5 years. Our personnel supported various medical studies during COVID, researched mitigations and effectivity of medications, with findings being published in medical journals to support the wider scientific communities combatting the pandemic.

Regional Operation Center

Cayuse provided consistently accurate 24/7 Situational Awareness support in 9 Regional Operations Centers worldwide. Our watchstanders directly facilitated well-informed decision-making and timely action by government leaders at Regional and Headquarters during routine operations and any contingency. Cayuse staff collaborated on instructions and operational reporting, mitigated potential staffing issues, and provided Continuity of Operations for the mission. Notably, Cayuse completed a 100% transition of 45 mission-critical staff within 10 days of award and maintained a 93% retention rate.

Operational Environmental Services – Active Range

Operations at the nation’s busiest primary training range are managed skillfully and cost-effectively by the Cayuse team, who provides highly varied and consistently exceptional services in maintenance, construction, scheduling, UXO removal and other duties. Since 2016, Cayuse has staffed the 14,000+ acre site to support training missions in order to hone skills in a real-world target replications.

Briefing Support

Senior leadership at Agencies rely on Cayuse for 24x7x365 situational awareness and crisis monitoring of industry assets and shared threat information. Our watch personnel monitor, collect, and evaluate information that may impact these industry assets. We provide strategic-level and situational awareness briefings and advice for executive leaders.

Planning and Real-World Simulations

Cayuse enables Agency security forces to train and simultaneously assess mission readiness through the planning and execution of specialized exercises. Various training scenarios replicate real-world events and are designed to enhance the readiness of forces to respond to threats to installations and units. The exercise series are carried out at various locations worldwide and focus on command, control and communications for missions requiring a coordinated response in all atmospheres.

Training Analyst Support

Cayuse leads the training and processes to develop soldiers’ readiness for their missions, playing a critical role the lifecycle management. Cayuse performs technical and program analyst services to support training systems and processes. Cayuse staff have provided reliable and irreplaceable continuity and support since 2017, and our historical knowledge coupled with forward thinking has been invaluable through program changes and challenges.

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